A pint of Blueberries keep the Doctors away

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Studies show that blueberries are more important to our daily diet than we are aware. An article from Healthline written by Joe Leech, MS shared wonderful tips about the benefits of blueberries.

Leech, first introduce the article by sharing that blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidant in fruits or vegetables. Leech mention, “In one study, 168 people drank 34 ounces (1 liter) of a mixed blueberry and apple juice daily. After four weeks, oxidative DNA damage due to free radicals was reduced by 20%.”

Increasing your daily intake of blueberries would help decrease DNA damage that causes cancer and aging. Also, studies have shown that blueberries help lower blood pressure.

Anthocyanins is a rich ingredient that’s found in blueberries. Anthocyanins help decrease the chance of a heart attack. Blueberries help heal the brain to function at a better speed.

Research reveals how blueberries are a good aspect to diabetes. The fruit assists at regulating the insulin levels. As well, help reduce bacteria that builds up in the wall of the bladder. Other words, reduce UTIs urinary tract infections.

Leech said, “ One study suggests that blueberries may aid muscle recovery after strenuous exercise, though more research is needed.”

If you are curious about more important details about blueberries click the link to Joe Leech article on Healthline.

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